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Michael Michaud - Dandelion Necklace

The word Dandelion is from the French dent de lion, or “tooth of the lion”, because of the jagged edges of the leaves. An immigrant to the New World, it was brought by the earliest European settlers as a food source.  It is one of the first blooms of spring and provides incredible nourishment for both humans and animals alike.  As any gardener will tell you, the dandelion is a tough survivor.  There are also many superstitions about the Dandelion. A wish will come true if all the seeds are blown off in one breath or, if some remain, it will indicate how many children you will have. Lovers use Dandelion seeds to send messages to one another, for as well as divining the future, the Dandelion means faithfulness. 

Materials: The Dandelion pendant is cast in bronze and accented with white freshwater pearls on a brass chain.

Measures: 16.5" - 17.5" L (adjustable); Pendant: 0.7" L. 

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