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Michael Michaud - Fern Necklace

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Ferns have been around since the dawn of time. They first appeared in fossil records that date back to the Devonian period 360 million years ago and have graced the planet ever since. They grow in many different habitats throughout the world and most popular during the Carboniferous Period (the Age of Ferns) being the dominant part of vegetation. Some ferns are used for food like fiddleheads, in art and for medical purposes. Not only do these unassuming environmentally friendly plant stand the test of time, they remove pollutants from the air, remediate contaminated soils and serve as decorative highlights in any space they share.

Materials: The Fern necklace is cast in bronze with green patinated leaves. 

Measures: Chain: 30"; Pendant: 3" L x 1.2" W

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