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Not Your Typical Sip & Paint! - June 24th 5PM-7PM

Join us for a collaborative event with Your CBD Store and local artist SensEmilia in a whimsical and colorful acrylic on canvas painting adventure.  Have fun expressing yourself through Abstract Expressionism with acrylic paint and enjoy a complimentary sample of Your CBD Stores Delta8 Beyond water soluble THC/CBD extract.  Beyond comes as an Indica or Sativa formula. Add a 25mg dosage to your drink for 10mg of THC and 15mg of a high concentration of CBD. This formulation results in a fuller mind and body experience.  All painting supplies will be supplied.

SensEmilia likes to be inspired by the most current hues and musings of the day and one never knows what creative expression may result. Maybe you'll go on an aquatic mermaid adventure or sail through the skies like a bird. Maybe you'll paint leaves on trees, blossoming buds and a breeze. Whatever the theme is you can learn to create using bold uplifting shapes and a nature lover's dream.  Let's see what we can reveal with paint and Delta8 in a laidback SensE style atmosphere.


Artist Emily Hoyt who goes by the name SensEmilia: SensEmilia is a local artist and musician who lives in Ithaca with her spouse/bandmate and their two creative children. She is motivated and inspired by nature and nurturing. She likes to imagine the vastness of the universe by focusing on the tiniest things such as the minute yet magnificent details on the feathers of a bird. Her mediums include custom intricate hand painted woodcrafts and other objects, flowy watercolors, bright sparkly acrylics, detailed drawings, and a dabbling in digital design. She strives to leave the world a little more cheerful with her art, music, and relationships (even though her propensity to joke about existential crises would have you believing otherwise) and she hopes you find some joy in her creations and interactions.

Must be 21+

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